December 7, 2015

Every month Lightblocks employees come together for a group lunch or breakfast meeting and this month we decided there was no better time to decorate the company tree for the holidays.  In September we went on a Company Retreat up to the White Mountains of NH for the n...

February 25, 2015

LIGHTBLOCKS team members may come to work at the studio because it seems like a fun place to earn a living, but they stay because of the opportunity to tap into that deep well of creativity that lives in us all.

When we needed a place to post vital company information–...

January 27, 2015

Deep Thoughts on...

The Golden Ratio

We see it everywhere in nature and in the pleasing porportions of designs we love.  Right now we are exploring the roots of why some forms resomate so well, why they inspire and delight, renew and refresh our vision and intent to crea...

December 24, 2014

And Breathe,,,,, 

There is a time to work, and work hard.  For balance, there must be a time to breathe,  to rest and regenerate our inner light.  We will return to the studio with new vigor, new inspiration and new dedication–for now–we rest.  Our break runs from Decem...

November 29, 2014

We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams,

Wandering by lone sea-breakers,

And sitting by desolate streams;—

World-losers and world-forsakers,

On whom the pale moon gleams:

Yet we are the movers and shakers

Of the world for ever, it seems.

Arthur O’Shaghnessy


August 22, 2014

On inspiration and vision:  There may be issues...

As a child, I passed long sweltering days of a Virginia summer in the shade of a willow tree with a stack of library books.  Once planted on the chaise with my lemonade, I could be reliably located for the rest of the d...

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