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BriteBoards- Lightblocks Dry Erase!


The cool thing about our BlackBoards is that they come in many dark and smoky shades, browns, bronzes and Blues, as long as they are dark enough to contrast with the smooth chalk lines-we will make it for you.  The matte finish provides a clean erase with a damp cloth.  

Freedom to Dream ANYWHERE!

Everyone LOVES dry erase boards! What’s not to love? They’re

creative, spontaneous, collaborative and they bring out the Einstein and Picasso in all of us! So why do they all have to look so darn bland? They don’t! Brighten things up with LIGHTBLOCKS BriteBOARDS!

Let’s Start with some Color!!!

LIGHTBLOCKS BriteBOARDS come in a variety of exciting col-ors! In fact, 101 of them!! Why settle for a white board when you can provide inspiration and creativity with a BriteBOARD?

Brite Board flyer[12103]12.jpg

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BriteBOARD Upgrades!
• Add a magnetic backer
• Add a custom logo
• Design your own shape
• Let’s talk!


Hospitals - Hospitals are rediscovering the benefits of color. Extend color to in-room nurse message boards

Express - Select from one of our six BriteBoard Express sizes and we’ll ship them in 2-3 weeks.


Schools -Turn class-rooms into inspirational environments with high energy color BriteBoards

Offices - Turn conference rooms into an uplifting idea room by adding color!

Original BriteBoard is offered in:


*Over 200 Standard Colors

*Half the weight of glass

*1/4" thickness and 1/8" thickness standard

*6 Standard Sizes with Standard Pricing

*Never Ghosts

*Standard Mounting Hardware

** Boards may require double sided tape in center


Magnetic BriteBoard is offered in:


*Over 200 Standard Colors

*Half the weight of glass

*5/32 thickness standard 

*6 Standard Sizes with Standard Pricing

*Never Ghosts

* Standard Mounting Hardware

**Boards may require double sided tape in center


Custom Options Include:

Double Sided Briteboard, Custom Colors, Custom Sizes, Custom Shapes, Printed Logos or Patterns, Custom Standoff Cap Hardware

Custom BriteBoard with Magnetic Rope. 

Only Magnetic where silver strips are located.

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