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NEW  from LIGHTBLOCKS Reduced cost and shorter lead times with LIGHTBLOCKS BY THE SHEET

Some projects need a little last minute sizing; some solutions are best worked out on the spot. That is when a full sheet purchase really pays off.  For the first time, select LIGHTBLOCKS panels are available as full sheets for contractors to cut and install on site.


LIGHTBLOCKS materials transform any space from ordinary to WOW! Capturing light and color in illuminating ways, LIGHTBLOCKS empowers artistic expression and transforms space from inspiration through project completion with guidance and expertise from our resident experts.


LIGHTBLOCKS Sheet Goods are available in full 4' x 8' sheets in a variety of our resin styles:


Designer, Palette and Fire Rated 

in thicknesses:

1/16", 1/8",1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1".


* Not all thickness offered in all styles

*Call for current Pricing

Application: Cladding


Project: Serving Line Casework

Texas A&M University


Product: 1/16" Fire Rated, Custom Color


Installation: Cut as needed and adhered to casework on site

Application: Walls


Project: Feature Wall 

Worcester State College


Product: 1/4" Palette, Opaque Varius colors


Installation: Framed Panels, adhered to walls

Application: Ceiling


Project: Ceiling light Filter

Celebrity Cruise Line


Product: 1/2" Designer Translucent


Installation: Suspended from Aluminum Channels

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