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Your Dream is our Inspiration  

We are Artists with purpose, Innovators with expertise, Design Partners with passion

Mary Boone Wellington

In the beginning...Our ORIGIN STORY


Mary Boone Wellington, artist and inventor, began developing LIGHTBLOCKS in 1999 as a medium for public art. Her creative works required exceptional strength, beauty, color, and permanence-criteria that no material on the market possessed. LIGHTBLOCKS quickly became the favorite; a material that could satisfy the creative impulse and hold up to the often harsh environs of public art. What happened next was a surprise to everyone.

"The studio was soon flooded with requests for this unique and beautiful substance-LIGHTBLOCKS. To make our new material available to all who wanted it, we knew we would have to change and grow.  Choosing to be a part of the larger conversation of design and to join in partnership with our architect and designer friends made it possible to expand our inspiration and join in creating a more beautiful and sustainable world."

Fabrication team on the LIGHTBLOCKS factory floor

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