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How to get your samples fast

Custom colors and patterns-no problem!  We would be tickled pink, white, violet, or taupe if that is what it takes to reflect your vision.  Give us a call and tell us about your vision.  Our project specialists live to make your creation into reality.


We have a library or samples in the color ranges we are asked about most often. These can be shipped out as soon as we hear from you.  Because our commitment is to get whatever you need to serve your vision, we will match any color you like. Send us a paint chip, pantone or any color system number and we will whip us samples that will help you envision your project.  


Custom color samples take about a week to make. Standard color samples we may not have on the shelf can also be made special for you at no charge. 


Canvas printed samples, do have an associated cost for the printing. 


Fill in the form below, or give us a call to discuss your needs.  We will ship your samples off to you lickety split.  Our extensive experience and knowledge base is at your disposal to make your project strong, beautiful and cost effective. 


Creating is complicated, we make this part simple. 

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33 Elm Street
Unit A7
Merrimack, NH 03054

Tel: 603-889-1115
Fax: 603-889-0970

Shipping & Receiving:
Unit B9
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