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CUSTOM COLOR  without a fuss...

Our original and unique custom, hand applied back-colored resins used in applications that require exact color matches or a transparent or translucent clarity. These products all come with a protective backer laminated to the back surface to protect the color layer during installation and privide an affordable, fast custom product to meet your exacting vision.

Product categories include: Studio Standards, and Designer Custom. Custom colors can be made in varying transparency.

For interior applications, Some exterior applications may use Designer in special conditions


Designer in Standard Colors is also offered as a 4x8 sheet good as part of our Sheet Goods Program for unfabricated parts at a discounted price!

Like A Designer Standard and want to vary the opacity? Let us know and we can do that for you!

Colors on your monitor may vary, please be aware of this and order a sample from us to be sure of your specification.  If the color is not what you want, don't worry, we can most probably match the one in your mind's eye.  Just give us a paint or pantone number and we'll get right on it.

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If you have an existing color in your library or specified on a project that is NOT on this chart, let us know. We can still make and honor that color selection. 


We are hard at work to get all of our 390 Standard Colors onto the website. 


Infospace Designer Panels

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