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PALETTE LIGHTBLOCKS- Translucent Top layer but Opaque on back

Outstanding color and depth
Opaque resins in standard or custom colors are fast hardened

and durable enough for outdoor or indoor use. Product categories

include: Studio Favorites and Palette Custom.


• Standard or custom colored resin 

• Hardened colors suitable for indoor or outdoor use

• Opaque

• Product categories include: Studio Favorites and Palette Custom.

• For all applications; interior and exterior


Palette in Standard Colors is also offered as a sheet good as part of our

Sheet Goods Program for unfabricated projects at a discounted price!

Need a different shade?  Custom Color is available.

Colors on your monitor may vary, please be aware of this and order a sample from us to be sure of your specification.  If the color is not what you want, don't worry, we can most probably match the one in your mind's eye.  Just give us a paint or pantone number and we'll get right on it.

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The designer envisioned a feature wall that looked like giant building blocks for the reception area of this San Francisco law firm. The alcove behind the desk had to flow seamlessly from the flat section
to curved panels in the final installation. To maintain design integrity, panels had to be fastened to the wall with no visible attachment.



Colored panels in soft pastel hues made from LIGHTBLOCKS “Palette” opaque acrylic were cut, colored, and heat formed as needed for the design. To fasten the panels to the wall, a rabbet was cut into the panel sides, providing space for concealed screws. A two part compression fit grid was snapped into place over the panel edges. Decorative trim was adhered to the grid, completing the illusion of grout lines.

BABCOCK & BROWN, LLP Reception Area Feature Wall

San Francisco, CA
Smith Group

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