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CANVAS- Digitally Printed Resin Panels

Our new patterned resin is imprinted with designs that range from the palest of colors to the brightest of bolds.  CANVAS patterns create a dynamic focal point, durable surface and great value.  Custom patterns, scale and colors for a perfect match to your vision.


Like one of our patterns but wish it was a different color? We can do that!


Have your own pattern or image? We can do that too! 99% of Canvas projects are client provided custom images which we produce at no extra cost!


Call for print ready file requirements when providing your own custom pattern.


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Kaltex North America

The Switzer Group

Custom Printed white "scratch" pattern on both front and back surface of 3/4" material. 2nd surface colored black and mounted to mdf to be hung on Zclips. 

Sidra Medical Center, Doha Qatar 




LIGHTBLOCKS Canvas wall panels, 1/8” (3mm) 

acrylic, digitally printed, laminated to ½” (12mm) 

FR MDF – Class “B” [FR] – Mounted to Wall with 

wood cleats 

Panels are 8’ (2.4m) high, and range from 8’ 

(2.4m) to 18’ (5m) wide.


LIGHTBLOCKS Palette wall panels

¼” (6mm) Palette Metallic laminated to ½” 

(12mm) FR MDF – Class “B” [FR] Wall Panels –

Mounted to Wall with wood cleats 

WIshard Hospital


Maternity Ward Door Panels


1/2" Single Sided Lightblocks Panels

Canvas Custom Print provided by client. 

Printed Opaque. 


Panels installed with hanging door hardware provided by Hafele with door handles. Additional side U channel provided by Lightblocks to help provide door stability and flatness. 


Desk Front Digitally printed client logo panel

3/4" Thickness

Southeast Branch Library

Indoor Awning

Custom DIgital Printed Striped Pattern in signature red and white

3/8" Thickness Lightblocks materials

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