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Our original colored or neutral resins, Classic colors range from neutral to vibrant across a choice of material. We make CLASSIC in base polymers of acrylic, polycarbonate or PETG. Material choice is based on design and use.  


Fill us in on your design intentions and we can advise you as to the most practical and cost effective solution.  Product categories include: Ice, Green Ice, Dry Ice, White Ice, Metallic and LightCast.

For all applications; interior and exterior*


Classic materials are also offered as part of our By The Sheet Program for unfabricated projects. See PDF. 


Classic Materials include the following:


Green Ice

Dry Ice

White Ice


Standard Metallics (1/8" thickness only) 

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Acrylic Architect

Countertop in Classic Cotton 1"

Ceiling Fins in Classic Ice 1/2"

Acrylic Panels

Mount Holyoke College Classic Green Ice 3/4"

Cedar Rapids Public Library Classic Dry Ice lit and unlit boxes 1/2"

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