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Cedar Rapids Library

Design Challenge:

The feature wall of this new library in Cedar Rapids was designed to be a study in light and motion.  Individually wired light boxes illuminated in a rotating pattern to create a dynamic installation, enlivening the space and illuminating the open stairway.


Precision fabrication was required to meet strict tolerances with illuminated boxes and flat panels assembled on site over a 40‘ wall length.  The illuminated boxes were required to be individually wired and easily removable for service.



Through our design partnership program, project developers used Lumi-sheet panels for even light disbursement and a brilliant display.  The boxes were delivered complete with lighting system and wiring, ready to hang.  


Because there was no available fastening method that suited the project, LIGHTBLOCKS engineers invented a mounting system that was both stronger and easier to operate than commercially available systems.  It worked beautifully and has become a standard for mounting. 


The exacting tolerances were handled by rigorous quality control and inspections over the course of the project fabrication and installation.  


Because the illuminated units and flat panels were completely fabricated and their mounting method well thought out in advance, the installation on site was a smooth and predictable success.  

Project: Cedar Rapids Library

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Designer: OPN 

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