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Oakwood Mall

Design Challenge:

This  renovation of an exisiting shopping mall needed shifting design effects for different times of day. The first hurdle in the atrium was to create an illuminated ceiling fixture 

that would transmit changing color LED lighting when illuminated, yet blend into the ceiling to become invisible when not in use. The second challenge was to construct 

more than 300 light boxes to be suspended from the roof deck in colors that matched the changing LED lightingin the atrium.



For the atrium fixtures, LIGHTBLOCKS “Dry Ice” material was used to create the lens covers for the light fixtures. When not illuminated, the material color blended with the ceiling color to disappear overhead. When Illuminated the material glows evenly with multiple colors.


The suspended light boxes were matched to the LED lighting colors with LIGHTBLOCKS custom color process. Multiple prototypes were created by tweaking the color and translucency until the designers were convinced the light box colors were a match to the LEDs. Careful attention to the joinery by LIGHTBLOCKS skilled fabricators yeilded a perfectly seamless effect.  All components were fully fabricated at LIGHTBLOCKS studio for easy installation on site.

Project: Oakwood Mall


Designer: Cannon Design, IL

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