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University of Virginia Battle Building

Design Challenge:

The design called for two luminous serpentine walls that filled the Main Entry Plaza and 3rd Floor Reception area with color, across ninety linear feet reaching sixteen and ten and a half feet high respectively.



Working in Design Partnership with the architects, LIGHTBLOCKS developed the required Class B fire rated material for the wall face. The materials were tested and given CLASS B certification and documentation from the lab was provided along with the LIGHTBLOCKS walls.


LIGHTBLOCKS undertook the structural design, thermoforming, lighting schematics, and construction of mock-ups to prove the concept.

To ensure a smooth installation, the LIGHTBLOCKS fabrication team worked closely with the contractor, creating templates to confirm field dimensions, arcs and layout. From the templates, steel base and header were constructed, support structure was fabricated and the skeleton was installed. Meanwhile, panels were formed, machined, colored, and finished. Installation instructions and minimal on site supervision resulted in a final product that exceeded everyone’s expectations. 

Project: University of Virginia

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Designer: Odell Associates, Richmond, VA 

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