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15 Years Young...

At 15 years old, LIGHTBLOCKS is very much an ‘upstart’ teenage company. (I love getting another crack at enjoying my teen years at age 68!). We create new normals for material, design, and management because we believe our ideals are worth the effort to challenge conventional wisdom and create better ways to do things.

Our mission is to “Change the World with INSPIRED Design”. Beginning as a sculpture studio back at the turn of the millennium, we came up with some new ways of working with polymers to reflect founder Mary Boone Wellington’s creative vision for works of Public Art. Extending the services of our studio’s talented artists and crafts people to the Architecture and Design community has brought us rewards in the form of an ongoing and ever expanding creative conversation. It is our honor to bring to light some of the very best inspirations of the new century and to see them transform the built environment.

This year we deepen our commitment to inspiration by offering a “Path to Mastery” to all studio employees. The creation of each completed project reflects a commitment to high aesthetic standards that rely on a deep skill base. Tapping the aspirations of our own talent pool, we teach skills and share wisdom, creating a stronger and more joyful team.

Today, as we contemplate a studio expansion with new tools, new talent, and space, we are grateful for the trust our design partners have extended to us. We are joyful in the knowledge that a great field of play is unfolding before us, as together we forge the structures, surfaces and colors of a new world.

Here are some great shots of some Lightblocks employees at "play" at our most recent company retreat! We really are young at heart!!

Ken and Don fresh off the golf course

A little post lunch mingling

Bocci Ball Anyone?? Jenn and Steph are having a ball!

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