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It's a good day for Frozen Hot Chocolate!

What could be better on a hot Las Vegas day than a yummy treat from

Caesear's Palace Serendipity Dessert Bar!

This is just one of Lightblocks MANY outdoor installations using our architectural resins. The back wall of this funky outdoor venue right on the Las Vegas strip is made from our 1/2" Designer Resin panels custom colored per the designers specs. The panels are then digitally printed with the black "swirl" pattern first surface. Panels are all installed on standoff hardware. This back wall is made up of over 30 individual panels all put together with precise and accurate measurements to get a clean uniform look to the swirl pattern.

Lightblocks resins are rated for outdoor use and will not fade over time. They are rated to lose less than 3% of their color over a 10 year period and will not yellow in the sun.

If you are trying to escape from the Las Vegas heat, head over to Serendipity in front of Caesars Palace right on the strip and get a cool beverage or tasty treat to cool you down and check out the Lightblocks wall while you are there!

Send us a selfie with the wall and we might just send you a special surprise!

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