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Case Study- Boston Logan Airport

Every day we are faced with interesting design ideas from our clients and through our Design Partnership Program we are able to work with our clients to help provide a full and comprehensive Lightblocks solution!

Project: Logan Airport Terminal B Lighting

Location: Boston, MA

Designer: Bergmeyer & Associates, Inc., Boston MA

Design Challenge:

The design team created a forest of suspended light box lenses, beginning with a few boxes interspersed starting on the gate concourse spokes then growing in density as each concourse came closer to the food court hub. The light lens boxes needed to be suspended at varying heights including some boxes being inverted into the ceiling grid creating a negative space in contrast to the growing forest of light.

Lightblocks Solution:

LIGHTBLOCKS craftsmen fabricated the five-sided light boxes in our studio to the specified size. The light fixture was suspended above the box hung from the deck. To make installation easy and to ensure that each box was hung at the correct height, LIGHTBLOCKS attached a tin-plated steel angle to two sides of each box at the specific position relative to the box size and its placement. Each box was numbered to correspond to the grid layout. Installation simply required pushing the box up into the grid opening. The angle collapsed flat, clearing the grid flange. When above the grid, the angle snapped back open and came down to rest on the grid flange. A safety cable was then attached to the deck structure, completing a very smooth, and mistake free installation.

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