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Work is Play....and we love it!

Every month we have employee meetings. It's a chance for us to gather, have lunch or breakfast together, review what's going on with our company and enjoy each others company. It's a chance for sales, production, and other office staff to all come together and chat.

At one of these meetings we gave our papers to fill out and to be handed back in with NO names on them so everything was anonymous. We always like IN PERSON feedback. We tell everyone if you have an issue tell us so we can fix it. If you LOVE something let us know.

So now we want you to know some of us better so we asked employees the following questions and here are just a few of the responses:

What do you love MOST above your job at LIGHTBLOCKS:

1. Creativity, working on different projects

2. Seeing the amazing creative ways Lightblocks is used to add WOW to a project

3. That we are always creating something new and exciting

4. The wonderful friends I have made and continue to make. I like coming to

work. We are a team.

5. The similarity yet differences between projects.

In my free time I like to:

1. Listen to all types of music

2. Quilt, turn bowls, walk in the woods, hang with family

3. Play basketball, work on my car, watch tv and movies

4. Spend time with family and friends

5. Ride my motorcycle to find new restaurants, venues, pubs, etc

I would LOVE to build ____________ out of Lightblocks!

1. Residential furniture

2. A tree-house in various colors that could be lit up at night!

3. A giant smiley face pin for the Statue of Liberty

4. A really cool receptionist desk for our office.

5. A tree-house

Imagine, there are just a few of our employee answers. I have a feeling a tree-house mock-up might be in our future! Just might work out since quite a few of our employees have kids and yards just big enough!

This is something we would encourage you to do in your workplace. Not only is it a good way to get to know employees but it adds a little fun and whimsy to the office.

We always say here Work is play and while we do work hard we like to have fun while doing it!

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