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New Season :: New Look

It's no wonder we crave change. Every season nature gives us a heads up with a quick makeover. Nowhere is this more dramatic than in New England where balmy nights and glorious days quickly shorten into stark winter. Our reward for the swap is the amazing display of Fall color, all the more precious for its brevity. I always try to get as much of the startling color into my eyes as I can, feeling I might be able to hoard the warmth up for the long winter ahead. As snow falls and the world turns white, I warm myself with the memories.

Inspired by The palettes before me and the concept of change, I am working on a new feature wall product that is easy to install and change. Wouldn't it be cool of our season or mood could be easily reflected by popping out a tile or two and swapping for a new color or pattern? I am working with the Golden Mein proportions so any and all arrangements yield a design that is always pleasing to the eye. Here are a few sketches and prototypes.

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