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Friday FAQ's

Everyday we get calls asking TONS of great questions and what better way to share our knowledge then a few little Friday FAQs. Check back often for more Friday FAQ features!

Below are the 5 MOST Popular questions we answer daily around here. Happy Friday Everyone!!

How do you color materials?

We use a proprietary coloring system to apply standard and custom color coatings. Designer Lightblocks are colored with a hand pigmented process that we have cultivated over the years. Palette Lightblocks have an industrial applied color layer. Kalediscope Lightblocks have their color cast in during the actual acrylic sheet casting process.

What are the various materials available to me to use for my project?

Most commonly we use Acrylic for its clarity and crisp appearance but we can use Polycarbonate or PETG if needed. Material selection depends on application, pigmentation, and any needed fire ratings. Tell us about your project and we will help you choose the best material option.

How do you cut material?

Lightblocks can be fabricated with standard woodworking tools in most cases. The correct tool depends on product, application, and desired results. In our shop all material is cut on a cnc machine or with a laser cutter. We will ship your parts cut to size and work with your installer for a perfect project result.

What are the options I can get regarding color selection?

Lightblocks material, in most instances, can be made to match any color you choose. Pantone, BM, SHW or other paint colors are standard reference colors. We can even match your favorite shirt! Our Classic line does come in a line of set standard colors. Designer, Palette, and Kalediscope material have infinite possibilities.

What is your “matte finish and resin coat” and how is it done?

It is a proprietary finish that is done in multiple engraved layers that was developed to withstand heavy use and even abuse.

What types of fabrication do you do?

All types of fabrication are available: boxes, holes, shapes, signage, thermoforming, and line bending. We work with you to fabricate complete units ready for installation.

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